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Elm Website | Tag Media


Elm Website

ELM is a Saudi Joint Stock Company owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF), which is the investment arm of the Saudi Ministry of Finance. ELM services are provided to all forms of beneficiaries, including government, corporate sector, and individuals.

Tag Media provides a full support to build, support, and manage the SharePoint Technology for ELM website to make it live & easy to use with ELM brand look & feel.

Ministry of Education | Tagmedia


Kids Budget AD

Tag Media produced an educational animation video clips for Ministry of Education, to educate kids how to build Budget
The animation simply describes a simple idea with Stop Motion production.

STC mobile devlopment Tagmedia


STC iGate app

STC iGate App is developed by TagMedia for STC business field. iGate has been used by all STC employees of the to access any kind of services within the company and all information related to the events taking place on the company premises.

TagMedia has provided all the app development with the integrations to make a professional simple app with high qualified UX application.

STC QR Code Generator by TagMeida


QR Code Generator

TagMedia Developed an online QR Code Generator for STC to create own customised QR codes.

With STC brand, The QR Code Generator allows creating barcodes link, phone number, email address, or customised text.

Aramco MultiMedia app


Aramco MultiMedia

Tag Media prepared an Interactive application for Saudi Aramco Company, for the purpose of collecting all data, documents, and forms for new employees as well as showing the necessary policies that help a newly hired employee.

“BEKASBHNA” Radio mobaile App



We’re excited to announce the first-ever “BekAsbhna” Radio App for Ministry of Culture and Information Saudi Arabia. The new app is available for iOS Apple store as a free download. We’ve worked with consumer focus groups, broadcasters, and our partners to put together an app that delivers a better understanding of Live Radio broadcast in app technology to users.

Adnan The Quran Teacher App By TagMedia


Adnan The Teacher of Quran

We have invented, designed and applied an interactive application, for the iphones, ipads and Andriod systems as well, to teach kids and help them memorize the Holy Quran and the alphabets.
As a part of our action plan is marketing in social networks to reach a wider range of users, so as to sell the product, our success indicator was to reach 5 million downloads and we did & reach more than 197 countries.

My STC series videos Tagmedia


My STC series videos

Tag Media produced a series educational video clips on YouTube for STC, to educate costumers how to use Kadamati (My STC) website.

Jood STC Social media Campaign | TagMedia


Jood STC Social Campaign

Developed a Twitter application where tweeps can win if they can figure Jood package different speeds and features and the faster participant wins.


- Reach 400,000 users Orders 2980

InVision Social Media Campaign | Tag Media


InVision Social Campaign

Facebook application that conveys a living room experience where contesters are asked questions on the video showing, where they would have to rewind-forward and try other Invision features in the process.

- 200,000 views on the video
- 100,000 visitors to the app
- 6,000 Online order for Invision




Noqtah is a Motivational social program on YouTube intended to raise awareness positive for social users.
Noqtah Youtube program aims at taking the advantage of the highly youtube viewers in the marketing services through sponsorships or advertisements associated with the program. You could watch the channel through which the program is promoted

iGate Social Video STC | Tag Media


iGate Social Video

Tag Media produced an educational animation video clips for STC, to educate employees how to use a web system (iGate) website.
The animation simply describes a simple idea to the user how to use, manage, beware of the new system features.

FTTH Coverage | Tag Media


FTTH Coverage

STC WFMS App is developed by TagMedia for STC business field technicians to complete their tasks and generate Completion Report from their devices and the app provide the ability to capture customer Signature of task completion.

The idea of the app is to replace the paperwork with more professional digital App for STC technicians

App submits the signed form in a PDF format and store in an archiving system for future inquiries and then send an email attaching the form to the customer. The app is capable of displaying the form sign from the customer even if not connected to the network (Internet/Intranet).Whenever came back to the office he could easily do the rest of tasks (closing the order at WFMS, Sending an Email and archiving ) automatically.



Jood Guess & Win

We create a creative online & social Twitter application where tweeps can win if they can figure the 5 Jood questions that related to educating them about the new offer, different speeds and features and the highest score participant wins.
He will got the highest score by sharing & marketing his profile & any one will register from his tweet link, he gets
the score up.

- Reach of 1,000,000 twitter users in 10 days.
- 44,425 service subscriber.
- We educate 96.4% of jood subscriber.
- Add more than 38,000 Facebook fans to stc facebook page.
- Add more than 29,487 followers to STC Twitter account.

WFMS STC | Tag Media



Use Google Maps with an interactive platform that allows customers to order on the spot if his area covered.

- Created a big FTTH customers database for e-marketing
- Simply it’s Fiber to the home technology, where no more copper cables will be used.
- TagMedia produced a Video animation about STC FTTH


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